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Quantum Matrix Hypnotherapy

I am here to help you create a healthier outcome for your life through Quantum Matrix Hypnotherapy. I believe hypnosis offers a way to communicate with the body and mind's dis-ease state to disarm the beliefs or patterns that have limited you, utilizing Bruce Lipton's concepts of "Biology of Belief" (see his books & YouTube videos) and the new field of science called Epigenetics. I find my clients are in a trance state, a suggestible Theta wave state, when they are sick, anxious, depressed, or experiencing some form of emotional or physical stressor with a job, sex, health, relationships, family crisis, to name a few. I can help you shift out of this state to experience change and relief in your life. You can learn more about the trances one experiences by reading Trances People Live - Healing approaches in Quantum Psychology by Stephen Wolinsky, Ph.D..

I have developed Quantum Matrix Hypnotherapy, that integrates quantum visualization techniques which I learned at the Boulder Psychic Institute's "Enlightenment Program" (I completed their 1 year Clairvoyant Training), in addition to a Somatic Experiencing body awareness process detailed at (I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner), Theta wave induction and 'Matrix Energetics' (I am a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner), to create a Quantum process in order to facilitate healing and release traumas on a body, mind, & spirit level. I use a shorter induction time, and a synambulistic (deep trance) state to help the client contact his or her “Higher Self” or “Source of All Knowledge and Healing” to get answers to personal questions and to achieve better insight, health, and relaxation.

I address the problem and transform it in the PRESENT MOMENT, not focusing on the past and the future, not retraumatizing the client. I am not about digging up old memories and family graves - restimulating PTSD. See Eckhart Tolle "The Power of Now" (pdf).

I utilize these combination of modalities to unravel the past and future in the NOW, healing a client though this Quantum Matrix Hypnotherapy, achieving successful results.

I would like to share the below article with you, to show you how the brain can change and adapt to a new healthier state, without having a 'multiple personality disorder':

Allergies and Multiple Personaly Disorder
Article from Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients - May 2001

"This study encompasses 3 case histories of patients with multiple personality disorder. One client was found to be allergic to citrus fruits in all personality states save one; the allergic response was abruptly terminated by switching to a different personality. The second client was severly allergic to cats except in one personality state in which she could play with cats indefinately with no rash, lacrimation or wheezing. The third responded to cigarette smoke with marked dyspnea and asthmatic bronchospastic wheezing in one personality and was totally free of symptoms in a smoky environment in a second personality. The author refers to previous work showing shifts in personality causing significant changes in healing rate, response to medications and changes in handedness.
* Braun BG, "Psychophysiologic phenomena in multiple personality and hypnosis."
Am J Clinical Hypnosis 1983,26(2):124-37

Comment: The psychoneuroimmunological implications here tell us that much more than the immune system is involved in allergic reactions. The mechanisms involved which might explain the phenomena described by Dr. Braun are poorly understood. It certainly seems apparent that our mental and emotional experiences play a major role in determining outcomes; unfortunately these are often the last to be addressed in complex cases."

I suggest you read Michael Talbot's book, The Holographic Universe, to understand the amazing ways the body can heal and change, and recent research in this field of study.
Plus, this article by Adrian P. Cooper: "Quantum Matrix" (pdf).

In your Quantum Matrix Hypnotherapy session, I will address the mental and emotional experiences that keep you stuck, and help you achieve inner peace. I am here to give 'hope' to all who are challenged.

“I was at the point of breakdown when I reached out to Pat. I felt really uncomfortable admitting that I needed help. Pat is a warm, comforting spirit and she assured me that things were ok and that she could help me. For the first time, I felt that I was heard.
    She has helped me work through some trauma which was holding me back from being my true self and living my life to the greatest potential. I have a very sensitive system, and Pat has helped me realize that although I am highly sensitive, all of my feelings and thoughts are valid. She is very knowledgeable about stress on the body and the repercussions of ignoring the signs our bodies give us. I am fortunate to have found her before this dysfunction turned into a serious condition. She is an amazing therapist who has changed my life and for that, I am so very grateful.”
In deep gratitude,

“It is a daughter's leg has straightened out completely from Pat Gurnick's Quantum Matrix Hypnotherapy healing! I could just cry. She has struggled with this her entire life. Thanks again to you for all of your TLC!”
Love & hugs,
Libby D.

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